Court & Public Record Document Retrieval

Massachusetts Court & Public Record Document Research & Retrieval in Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk counties.

Guaranteed accurate and quick reporting. Expedited service and volume discounts available.

  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Corporate Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Judgment Liens
  • Litigations (Suits or Judgments)
  • Property/Real Estate Records
  • Registry of Motor Vehicle Records
  • Sex Offender Records
  • State Tax Liens
  • UCC Records
  • Vital Records (Birth, Death, Divorce, Marriage)

First order may require pre-payment or credit card securement. Invoicing terms payable upon receipt. 

For more information about Court Research & Public Record Retrieval or to submit your request, contact or (617) 437-0030 x119.

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