Agency Profile

Experienced – Established 1981

Data Quest, Ltd. is a licensed, bonded & insured, corporate private investigation firm. It provides elite intelligence gathering, loss prevention & loss detection expertise to companies, attorneys, and individuals throughout the United States.

Workplace Theft Does Not Discriminate

Internal and external theft perpetrated by employees, customers, vendors, partners, and competitors threatens the welfare of companies of every size. Data Quest’s client database consists of more than 1,000 businesses, including Fortune 500 corporations, national chains, and smaller companies on a local and regional level.

A Company’s One-Stop Shop for Investigations

Data Quest’s unique full-service capabilities enable it to be a company’s single resource for investigations and loss prevention. Businesses gain the intelligence needed to identify and eliminate problems and establish policies & procedures to prevent future losses and protect bottom line profit. The agency assists counsel, law enforcement, and prosecutors in the pursuit of litigation arising from incidents of theft, larceny, and embezzlement.

Qualified, Experienced Investigators

Data Quest’s professionals possess diverse backgrounds, including federal, state, and local law enforcement and criminal justice training. Investigators also have relevant secondary training (e.g. bartending, wait staff, retail, hospitality, warehousing & distribution, etc.) to better understand client problems and provide effective solutions. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Consultations are complimentary and without obligation. Service is tailored to meet individual client needs.

Client references are available upon request. 

For more information, please contact or (617) 437-0030 x115.