Bars & Nightclubs

We’ll Find Out If That Scotch On The Rocks Is Also On The House

Data Quest’s experienced “spotters” pose as anonymous customers and perform strategic cash transactions designed to detect instances of employee theft and dishonesty at the point of sale. They are trained to carefully, yet discreetly, follow the path of a sales transaction to detect policy and procedural violations. Spotters gather information in an unbiased and constructive manner and their insightful reports help management recognize weaknesses in systems and procedures which may encourage employee dishonesty. They also uncover critical loss prevention issues, such as:

  • Cash mishandling
  • Internal theft of money and/or merchandise
  • Under-ringing sales
  • Voiding recorded sales
  • Recording “No Sales”
  • Unrecorded (a.k.a. freebies)
  • Unauthorized discounts
  • Reissuing checks and/or receipts

If cash mishandling or other serious procedural violations are detected, Data Quest will recommend actions the client may choose to pursue, including interviews and statement-taking, which the agency can conduct. At the client’s request, Data Quest can assist with prosecution and restitution procedures.

Data Quest investigators are available for testimony to support their investigative findings and the agency is experienced and successful in criminal and civil proceedings and union arbitrations.

For more information about Integrity Audits for Bars & Nightclubs, contact (617) 437-0030 x120, or download Data Quest’s Integrity Audits Info Sheet.