Surveillance (Static & Moving)

A full-service, licensed, corporate private investigations agency, Data Quest offers three types of surveillance service:



• Surveillance –Stationary & Moving
• Remote Video Monitoring
• GPS Vehicle Tracking

Data Quest’s experienced operatives have been specially trained to conduct surveillances discreetly so that their cover is protected and a successful investigation is completed. Typically, two operatives are deployed in unmarked vehicles equipped with two-way radios and videotaping equipment for corporate and other white collar crimes (e.g., industrial espionage), as well as domestic (e.g., matrimonial issues, child custody, etc.) investigations. However, Data Quest offers the flexibility and resources to provide clients with the services of a sole operative or a complete surveillance team.

Telephoto close-up photography is provided and photographs are stored in a secure file so that the proper documentation of evidence is preserved.

A surveillance can usually be organized and initiated within 48 hours.

To order service or request more information, contact (617) 437-0030 x118 or