“It helps me get a better grasp on what we can do to make the proper changes to help with the quality of our property.” – Shannon Sibley – Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail


“Amanda and the crew have been great to work with. We’re able to get quick feedback to our 52 hotels. The quick turn around on reports is helpful when reviewing with our teams. The client website is useful as well when reviewing with our hotels. Thank you!!!” – Anne Marie Copelin, Columbia Sussex

“It makes our managers aware of training areas that need to be addressed and improved.”
– Leia Sobieralski – Columbia Sussex

“The service has made us much better and has added confidence. The staff is aware of the shops and we feel the process is working well.”
– Mike Chouri, Pyramid Hotel Group

Data Quest is reliable and efficient.”
– Donna Russell, The Davis Companies

Super flexible, tremendous focus and recap on detail. Tailored our sites to coincide with our other hotel affiliations resulting in the ability to compare apples to apples.”
– G. Keith Wagner, The Hanover Inn

The reports are extremely detailed and help us keep our associates accountable for the guest experiences.”
– Ken Bethke, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Berkeley CA

“It gives us insight into our operations while we are away. We use the services to tell if we have problems with policies and procedures as well as to tell us if there are any issues that warrant further investigation.”
Carol Gage, Tufts Shared Services

“It provides us with a heads-up or backup in areas we need to monitor and/or improve upon.”
– Sherelyn Dalton – Memorial City Mall

Valuable feedback that management can use as a training tool.
– Anonymous, NYC Hotel Property