Pre- and Post-Hire Employment Screenings (For Business)

Hire An Asset, Not A Liability

Data Quest’s Background Division provides employers with comprehensive pre- and post-hire employment screening information, revealing the true identity and qualifications of the individual seeking or retaining employment.

Avoid Negligent Hiring & Retention

A thorough pre-hire employment screening can reveal patterns of dishonest, criminal or irresponsible behavior that may not show up on an application, on a resume, or during an interview. Such intel enables employers to diminish legal risks, improve the quality of the workforce and avoid negligent hiring. 

By implementing a consistent post-hire employment screening program, employers further protect the company from risk and maintain workplace safety. Post-hire screenings ensure that current employees, who possessed clear backgrounds at the time of hire, have not since committed any crimes or had negative lifestyle changes such as addiction or financial issues, etc. 

Investigative Expertise

Data Quest is a full-service, licensed, corporate private investigations agency. Every employment screening is performed by an experienced and specially-trained investigator who researches beyond the basic information provided by the applicant to develop a comprehensive and accurate character profile. Detailed background information, along with accurate and timely public record retrieval, is collected through a combination of resources, including a nationwide network of court document researchers, investigative telephone experience, and access to privileged, high-level databases.

Data Quest investigators will verify the credentials listed on an application, but they do not rely solely upon the information provided by the applicant. They will uncover what is vague, including missing information about former employers, gaps in employment and reasons for leaving present or past employers.

Tailored Service

The depth of an employment screening is directly related to the type of position being filled, and background checks can be tailored to each job description. Data Quest will assist with the development of pre- and post-hire employment screening programs‚ which not only meet the company’s exact needs and budgetary guidelines, but are consistently followed in order to avoid potential charges of discrimination.

Prompt Turnaround

Data Quest understands that a company must act quickly to avoid losing a talented candidate and reports are typically completed within 3-5 business days. The agency also recognizes that cutting edge technology is meaningless without the ability to provide exceptional customer service. Clients are urged to call Data Quest for a free consultation or for an answer to any question they may have about the results of an employment screening.

For more information about Pre- and Post-Hire Employment Screenings, contact 437-0030 x115, or download Data Quest’s Employment Screenings Info Sheet.