Self Checks (For Individuals)

If you are job hunting, chances are the companies at which you are applying will run your background check. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resources Management, nearly 70% of businesses conduct pre-employment screenings as part of their selection process. Review your background report ahead of time and avoid being disqualified for employment based upon the information being reported about you. 

Reporting Errors Can Occur: Unfortunately, data entry and recording mistakes happen and not all discrepancies are intentional. 

  • In a 2013 study, the Federal Trade Commission reviewed 1,000 consumers’ credit reports and found 25% of people had at least one error on it.
  • Data Quest often finds other names associated with Social Security numbers, which is either an issue of unintentional clerical error or identity theft.

Order your own background report to ensure that information being reported, such as your credit, criminal, driver’s, education & employment history, is accurate and complete. Because any disparity between what you’ve listed on your resume and what is revealed in your background check can red flag your application and question your integrity.

Finding out about any reporting errors in advance provides the opportunity to correct the information and alert the hiring manager about the inaccuracies.

Background checks are a reality of the job search process. Be familiar with what appears on your report, and apply with confidence.

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