Since 1981, Data Quest has been a valuable resource to the hospitality industry providing service to properties of all sizes throughout the United States. Resorts, branded hotels, independent concept boutique hotels, limited properties, and small bed & breakfasts improve customer service and guest loyalty through a wide range of investigative services.

Arrival Audits

An Arrival Audit focuses on the guest’s experience arriving and getting settled into the hotel. From a customer service perspective, it is the guest’s first impression of the hotel and sets the tone for the entire stay. From an operational standpoint, an Arrival Audit reveals whether or not the various arrival service departments (Doorman, Bellman, and Front Desk Guest Service Agent) are functioning as a team to create a seamless arrival experience that is both welcoming and efficient.

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Bar Audits

Data Quest’s experienced “spotters” pose as anonymous customers and perform strategic cash transactions designed to detect instances of employee theft and dishonesty at the point of sale. They are trained to carefully, yet discreetly, follow the path of a sales transaction to detect policy and procedural violations. Spotters gather information in an unbiased and constructive manner and their insightful reports help management recognize weaknesses in systems and procedures which may encourage employee dishonesty. They also uncover critical loss prevention issues, such as:

Are bartenders overpouring?

  • Cash mishandling
  • Internal theft of money and/or merchandise
  • Under-ringing sales
  • Voiding recorded sales
  • Recording “No Sales”
  • Unrecorded (freebies)
  • Unauthorized discounts
  • Reissuing checks and/or receipts

If cash mishandling or other serious procedural violations are detected, Data Quest will recommend actions the client may choose to pursue, including interviews and statement-taking, which the agency can conduct. At the client’s request, Data Quest can assist with prosecution and restitution procedures.

Data Quest investigators are available for testimony to support their investigative findings and the agency is experienced and successful in criminal and civil proceedings and union arbitrations.

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Dining Audits

Experience your restaurant from your guests’ perspective. Gain a better understanding and measure your restaurant’s Customer Service performance through an unbiased, third-party evaluation of the dining experience.

A Dining Audit will provide a clear understanding about the customers’ experience, as well as insight into operations that may surprise you.

Identify and rectify service weaknesses and gaps in training before losing a customer. A Dining Audit will provide you with the intel necessary to ensure customer satisfaction and build loyalty and repeat business.

A Dining Audit will provide information about first impressions, steps of service and food quality, plus the following:

  • Cleanliness
  • Signage
  • Greetings
  • Server Knowledge
  • Suggestive Selling & Upselling
  • Management Presence
  • Service Speed
  • Food Presentation
  • Overall Attitude & Professionalism
  • Customer Complaints
  • ID Procedures

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Full Property Stayover Audit

A Full Property Stayover Audit tests cash handling procedures throughout the property, including the front desk, bar operations, room service, concierge lounge (if applicable), breakfast buffet, etc.

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ID Audits (Alcohol & Tobacco)

Don’t get stung!

When an employee fails an underage alcohol and/or tobacco sting it affects the entire company.

Proactively address potential irresponsible alcohol and/or tobacco service before it becomes a legal issue with monetary consequences or the loss of a liquor license.

ID Audits provide companies with a self-policing method of ensuring that staff is not selling alcoholic and/or tobacco products to minors. Data Quest will send in an age-appropriate Mystery Shopper to test whether or not an ID is requested and if service is denied when proof of legal age is not provided. The use (or lack thereof) of ID scanners can also be tested to ensure employees are properly validating the ID, if one is presented.

A cost-effective service, the detailed report provided for each compliance audit is proof your company is diligent in making sure alcoholic and/or tobacco products are being sold responsibly.

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Mobile App Audits

A Mobile App Audits focuses on the guest’s experience using the features of a hotel’s unique App. This audit could combine all three features below or be used to evaluate one out of the three features. The goal of the Mobile App is to expedite the process of booking and arriving at the hotel in an effort to maximize the guest’s time and enjoyment during their visit. There is some human involvement on the part of the hotel staff. The audit evaluates whether or not the app is functioning properly and if the hotel staff is taking the guest’s use of the app into account when getting them settled in at the hotel.

  • Mobile Check In allows a guest to check in from anywhere at any time on the date of their arrival.  The app notifies the guest when their room is ready and the guest experiences an expedited check in process.
  • Mobile Request allows guests to use the app to connect directly to a hotel representative to make special requests (foam vs. feather pillows, extra blanket, etc.), make reservations (dining, tours, etc.), obtain information about the local area/attractions, etc.
  • Mobile Key allows guests to use the app in place of a room key card.  The app is connected to their reservation information and coded to their guest room just like a key card would be.
  • Mobile Chat allows a guest to connect directly with a hotel representative to test their knowledge on the local area/attractions, hotel information, and amenities.

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Mystery Guest Property Audits

Whether preparing for a corporate audit or simply seeking a qualified, independent Customer Service evaluation, Data Quest’s Mystery Guest Property Audits will identify service weaknesses and confirm compliance to brand standards. A customized complimentary survey, which mirrors the questions and service standards on your property’s corporate audit, ensures intelligence gathering is on target and determines if associates are following proper training protocols.

Our Mystery Guest checks into the property for one night and discreetly surveys various departments to ensure consistent, quality service. These quality assurance evaluations are performed anonymously and provide management with insightful and meaningful data to correct service failures and prepare for a corporate audit.

All expenses incurred during a Mystery Guest Property Audit are charged to the guest room. Payment is made using a credit card and the property is responsible for crediting the charges once the final report is submitted. Data Quest will submit an invoice which will include the flat audit fee plus any cash expenditures, such as tips, for reimbursement.

Whether your property is a large resort, branded or chain hotel, independent concept, or small bed and breakfast, Data Quest will create a tailored evaluation to meet your exact service goals and standards.

For more information about Mystery Guest Property Audits, please contact (617) 437-0030 x120, or download Mystery Guest Property Audits Info Sheet.

Investigative Sales Call Audits

Hotel properties throughout the United States use Data Quest’s Investigative Sales Call Audits to evaluate sales techniques and follow up procedures of the reservation and/or catering/banquet staff. A check off questionnaire report with a narrative comment section provides information about service professionalism, event package knowledge, timeliness of written proposals and subsequent follow up on event proposals.

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Hotel Mystery Shopping Benefits

• Prepare for and improve corporate audit scores.
• Test compliance with brand standards.
Obtain independent, unbiased guest feedback.
• Identify service weaknesses.
• Identify associates deserving of rewards or recognition.
• Maintain positive brand image and build brand loyalty.

Data Quest’s Mystery Shoppers reside throughout the United States enabling the agency to provide service without charging travel expenses. The agency is experienced and successful with union arbitration hearings. Our operatives fully support their investigative findings and are available for testimony, if necessary.

Data Quest is a licensed, insured and bonded agency, as well as an active member of MSPA Americas (, the trade association representing the customer experience industry throughout North America.   

Comprehensive & Accurate Reporting

• Customized surveys that mirror the standards on your corporate audit.
• Quick report turnaround.
• Online reporting with 24/7 secure web-based dashboard access.
• Performance standards checklist with quantitative results by department.
• Narrative responses to support positive and negative findings.

Results Analysis

Data Quest’s quantitative results provide the opportunity for further analysis via graphs, charts and survey trending. Data collected during audits can be compared, contrasted and ranked over specific time periods chosen by our clients. This allows clients an easy manner in which to track data at all levels within the organization for performance feedback and coaching.


• Competitive, cost-effective, flat audit fees.
• No travel and/or mileage charges.
• No monthly minimums or long term commitments.
• Cancel with 30 days’ advance written notice.

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