What is Mystery Shopping?

“A Customer You Keep Is One Customer You Don’t Have to Find.” – Shelley Wake

Mystery Shopping is an effective and proven service, used by companies in a variety of industries, to discreetly collect sensitive information pertaining to Customer Service.

It helps companies succeed in today’s competitive marketplace by monitoring customers’ perceptions of service quality. 

This intelligence enables companies to implement the appropriate actions to correct poor service performance before customers become dissatisfied and take their business elsewhere.

Customers need to feel welcomed, wanted and appreciated for their patronage. Understanding and meeting their expectations is critical for building customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business.

Mystery Shopping will assist your company in maintaining high service standards. Plus, the information can boost employee morale by providing a tool to reward excellent performance. Companies find Mystery Shopping invaluable for employee training, employee evaluations, employee reward programs and promotional campaigns.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

• Obtain independent, unbiased customer feedback.
• Identify service weaknesses.
• Identify associates deserving of rewards or recognition.
• Test compliance to corporate brand standards.
• Maintain your company’s positive brand image and build brand loyalty.
• Ensure associates are performing upselling strategies.
• Increase the likelihood that your customers will return and recommend your company to others.

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