Data Quest provides specialized investigative services to assist parking facilities management with cash control and customer service, including:

Car Counts

Data Quest’s investigator will arrive unannounced to count the number of vehicles parked within the facility, which can be compared to the cash collected. This audit will also ensure that only authorized vehicles are being allowed access to the facility.

Site Checks

Data Quest’s investigator will conduct unannounced parking lot site checks to ensure that only authorized vehicles are being allowed to park. The investigator will inspect every vehicle within the lot for the required authorization pass and provide a list of vehicles (make, model, color, license plate number) which do not have authorization.

Self Parking Audits

Data Quest’s investigator will park a vehicle in a parking lot/garage facility and pay cash upon departure. Information pertaining to the transaction (ticket color, ticket number, time in/out, date stamped, amount charged) will be provided for management to review and ensure proper cash handling procedures are being followed. This audit also tests validation processes to confirm price reductions are not being given.

Valet Parking Audit

A Valet Parking Audit will ensure that vehicles are being processed through the system correctly, rather than being parked over to the side and the cash collected is kept by the attendant.

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