Undercover Investigators

Hired by the client company as a regular employee, Data Quest’s Undercover Investigator gathers intel typically unattainable through any other means. The “inside” investigator detects employee dishonesty and theft, substance abuse, harassment issues and other personnel matters detrimental to the company’s success and profitability.

Positive information is also reported, often helping to support strong management. The investigation, in effect, takes an “X-ray” of the operation. 

Information commonly collected by an Undercover Investigator:

Employee Dishonesty & Malfeasance
  • Theft of merchandise or cash
  • Price alterations
  • Fraudulent exchanges or refunds of merchandise
  • Unauthorized discounts
  • Kickbacks
  • Unreported shortages in merchandise from vendors
  • Padded expenditures
  • Sabotage
  • Falsification of time and/or production records
Substance Abuse (Narcotics & Alcohol)
  • Sale
  • Ingestion
Management & Supervision
  • Lack of supervision
  • Poor supervisory judgment
  • Favoritism
  • Employee respect for supervision
  • Poor scheduling
  • Unnecessary overtime
  • Poor service
  • Training procedures
  • Production records poorly maintained
  • Stocking, housekeeping and maintenance
Work Performance
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Unauthorized or overstaying relief
  • Arguing or fighting
  • Misuse of company materials
  • Careless handling of merchandise
  • Leaving early, tardiness, absenteeism
  • Gambling, smoking, drinking, eating
  • Profanity, obscenity
  • Failure to cooperate
Safety & Security
  • Guard system
  • Exit security
  • Employee identification
  • Key control
  • Lock-up practices
  • Alarms and time clocks
  • Security at shipping and receiving docks
  • Cashier’s office security
  • Cash register security
  • Cash handling procedures
  • Sealing or locking of trucks
  • Pass system for removal of merchandise
  • Persons in unauthorized areas
  • Fire prevention
  • Storage of materials
  • Night security
  • Sabotage to equipment or merchandise
  • Employee attitudes toward their jobs
  • Labor turnover
  • Promotions
  • Overtime
  • Effects of policy changes
  • Rumors

The substantial growth and success of Data Quest’s Corporate Undercover Division is largely attributed to the personalized service given to each one of its clients. A wide variety of areas crucial to management are targeted, including supervisory effectiveness, work performance, safety hazards and security, as well as serious instances of violation of policies and procedures.

This service is closely controlled by an Account Supervisor and regular updates are provided to the client, in addition to weekly detailed written reports. There is no commitment required to the duration of the undercover assignment, and the client can adjudicate its success and results daily. Data Quest understands the sensitivity of this type of investigation and advises and consults with the client company throughout, and has the experience and expertise to follow up on the information gathered however needed.

For more information, contact (617) 437-0030 x118, Info@DataQuestLTD.com or download Data Quest’s Corporate Undercover Info Sheet.